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About Us

Accessing impartial career guidance and publicly available courses & college information from online sources should not be a difficult process, unfortunately, it is in most cases. Coursebook ventures is an educational website promoting access to higher education by providing; easy access to courses-cum-colleges information and educational guidance. We’re on a passionate mission to democratize access to college information and educational guidance at the click of a button.

Some statistics we are trying to change

of school going children lack access to appropriate career information and advice.
of students in institutions of higher learning are dissatisfied with their study options.
of professionals in the job market are dissatisfied by tasks and nature of their careers.
of 15-34 year olds are unemployed, this age bracket accounts for 35% of Kenya’s population.

Problem Statement

A large number of students for lack of information and guidance usually face countless challenges while applying for courses to study after secondary school. This is because, students are not well equipped with basic skills in course selection early enough. In fact, majority of students are not able to make informed course choices even after completing secondary education due to lack of information and proper guidance while still at their formative years. Because of this career choice inability, many students keep hoping from one course to another trying to find their career paths.  Career satisfaction begins at the Course Selection Stage and if done properly, students are likely to lead a productive and fulfilling career life after their postsecondary education. Coursebook provides students with clear information and course guidance to help them plan for and choose the right courses in pursuit of their postsecondary education, a key education level that empowers students with employability and entrepreneurial skills.

Career guidance in secondary schools in Kenya is not offered sufficiently and thus, making informed career choices is not an easy task especially for many secondary school students. A majority of school going children in Kenya lack access to appropriate career information and guidance. As a result, these students transition to higher education unprepared for their future careers. The careers they pursue are in most cases not aligned to their interests rather than a game of chance. Evidently, majority of the students transitioning to higher learning institutions are pursuing careers they do not like.

When young people pursue careers that are not aligned to their interests and abilities, their career dissatisfaction journey in life begins. This is well manifested in the marketplace today as over 70% of working Kenyans (professionals) are dissatisfied by the nature and tasks of their careers. To promote informed career choices for high school students in Kenya, there is need to offer adequate career guidance and counselling in kenya to enable all students to make informed career choices. We are working passionately to reduce the above numbers so that more school going children can make informed career and education choices. Get easy to use career guidance materials to inspire all children and help them make informed career choices. Get them on career resources page

Our Solution

Making informed career choice is not easy. It is even harder for teenagers who lack access to timely career information and advice. For majority of young people especially those from poor families, career choice is usually a game of chance with possible serious consequences. Coursebook is working innovatively to give young Kenyans the power to choose careers they believe in.

Through online and offline community interactions, our model aims at disseminating a robust career advice and information on a wide range of courses and careers to help young people plan well for their futures. Away from the traditional careers, Coursebook model is designed to help young people discover new career possibilities available to them and ultimately plan well for their futures. In addition, we give young people personalized guidance based on individual needs. Need course advice or information to help you decide which course to pursue! begin your exploration by visiting any of these options; degree options, diploma options, certificate options or artisan options. Or maybe you need career information to help you make a career choice, open this page careers guide, Or you just want easy to use career guidance materials for use at home, library or school, get them on this career resources page

Our Story

Our team has been offering one on one career guidance support at individual level to prepare students for their future and help those joining colleges & universities navigate the system successfully. Over the years, the team has assisted a number of students join colleges and universities successfully and have been able to secure career pathways of their choice. The most encouraging part is the fact that, all the students the team has assisted either individually or collectively have testified that they have enjoyed or are enjoying the study options they were allocated.

Among the beneficiaries of our service, some have successfully travelled overseas for their further studies in line with their chosen fields. Others who have graduated are in stable careers and enjoying their career life. This gave us the morale and the encouragement to create impact to more lives by helping young people pursue careers they will enjoy and disrupt the current cycle where a majority of students in colleges are pursuing careers they do not like. Our products and services are designed to disseminate vital career information and advice where the need is greatest.

The Team

Coursebook is composed of a team of information scientists, researchers, developers and career education enthusiasts who are truly passionate about careers education and its social impact to the society. Together with like-minded individuals and organizations, we aim to empower the lives of many young people, one student at a time, free of charge.

Partner with Us

No single individual or organization can change lives at scale. Changing lives at scale requires collaboration and partnerships. We are therefore looking for like-minded individuals and organizations that believe in our cause and would like to be part of it. You can help us prepare underserved students and families for careers and education choices by donating even a small amount if you find our services useful, or if our support has been helpful to you, learn more. For business partnerships, kindly contact us through the form below.