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Certificate in Accountancy 2018-08-08T06:03:13+03:00

Certificate in Archives and Library 2018-08-08T06:07:37+03:00

Certificate in Banking and Finance 2018-08-08T06:05:25+03:00

Certificate in Business Management 2018-08-07T08:38:04+03:00

Certificate in Clerical Operations 2018-08-08T06:09:02+03:00

Certificate in Co-operatives Management 2018-08-08T06:06:44+03:00

Certificate in ECDE course 2018-08-08T06:29:23+03:00

Certificate in Human Resource Management 2018-08-08T06:23:38+03:00

Certificate in Information Studies 2018-08-08T06:08:20+03:00

Certificate in Information Technology 2018-08-07T08:15:03+03:00

Certificate in Investment 2018-08-08T06:09:55+03:00

Certificate in Maritime Transport Logistics 2018-08-08T06:10:53+03:00

Certificate in Maritime Transport Operations 2018-08-08T06:14:39+03:00

Certificate in Maritime Transport Operations 2018-08-08T06:16:03+03:00

Certificate in Project Management 2018-08-07T08:16:07+03:00

Certificate in Road Transport Management 2018-08-08T06:18:18+03:00

Certificate in Sales and Marketing 2018-08-08T06:21:16+03:00

Certificate in Secretarial Studies 2018-08-08T06:19:46+03:00

Certificate in Social Work & Community Development 2018-08-08T07:00:51+03:00

Certificate in Supply Chain Management 2018-08-08T06:22:10+03:00

Certificate in Teacher Training (Adult Education) 2018-08-08T06:36:10+03:00

Certificate in Teacher Training (Primary Education) 2018-08-08T06:30:44+03:00

Certificate in Tour & Travel Operations 2018-08-08T06:26:39+03:00

Certificate in Tour Guiding Operations 2018-08-08T06:25:55+03:00

Craft Certificate in Agricultural Engineering 2018-08-08T07:07:37+03:00

Craft Certificate in Automotive Engineering 2018-08-08T07:05:20+03:00

Craft Certificate in Baking Technology 2018-08-08T06:56:20+03:00

Craft Certificate in Carpentry & Joinery 2018-08-08T06:43:15+03:00

Craft Certificate in Cartography 2018-08-08T06:50:25+03:00

Craft Certificate in Catering & Accommodation Operations 2018-08-08T06:40:02+03:00

Craft certificate in Catering and Accommodation Operations 2018-08-07T08:18:28+03:00

Craft Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2018-08-08T06:52:29+03:00

Craft Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Installation/electronics) 2018-08-08T06:55:25+03:00

Craft certificate in Fashion Design and Garment Making Technology 2018-08-07T08:19:15+03:00

Craft Certificate in Food & Beverage Production & Service 2018-08-08T06:38:20+03:00

Craft Certificate in Food Processing Technology 2018-08-08T06:56:51+03:00

Craft Certificate in Garment Making 2018-08-08T06:41:54+03:00

Craft Certificate in Housekeeping & Accommodation 2018-08-08T06:39:05+03:00

Craft Certificate in Land Surveying 2018-08-08T06:46:38+03:00

Craft Certificate in Marine Engineering 2018-08-08T06:53:11+03:00

Craft Certificate in Masonry 2018-08-08T06:43:55+03:00

Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering 2018-08-08T06:51:48+03:00

Craft Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology 2018-08-08T07:02:49+03:00

Craft Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics 2018-08-08T07:06:33+03:00

Craft Certificate in Nautical Science 2018-08-08T06:53:47+03:00

Craft Certificate in Petroleum Geosciences 2018-08-08T07:08:20+03:00

Craft Certificate in Photogrammetric 2018-08-08T06:51:07+03:00

Craft Certificate in Plumbing 2018-08-08T06:45:03+03:00

Craft Certificate in Road Construction 2018-08-08T06:48:50+03:00

Craft Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology 2018-08-08T07:03:54+03:00

Craft Certificate in Water Technology 2018-08-08T06:49:39+03:00

Craft Certificate in Welding and Fabrication 2018-08-08T07:09:16+03:00