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Join the mission

We are on a mission to make college education accessible to eligible students in underserved communities. We help students in underserved areas find, apply and enroll for not only good courses in top colleges but also courses they enjoy, so they can be happier and fulfilled in their lives, a sure pathway out of poverty. You can support our mission by contributing from as low as Ksh 100/- or any other amount your heart desires.

It costs less than Kshs: 500 (usd 5) to provide underserved youth or a family member with access to support required to help them make informed choices and continue with postsecondary education, a sure pathway to a brighter future. Join the mission today. Go to Lipa na M-PESA, Buy goods and Services, enter Till no: 634654, and give the contribution of your choice. Thank you.

Impacting lives

Coursebook is a purpose driven enterprise where thousands of college bound youth and their families turn, to access life changing information, guidance and support to help them make informed choices and continue with quality  college education. So far, we have supported more than 73,362 students and their families in making informed postsecondary education decisions, a sure pathway to a brighter future.

Why Contribute?

Many qualified students do not continue with postsecondary education, a decision that negatively affects their future. On the other hand, those who proceed to college, majority of them make mis-informed choices. Statistics show that, 70% (that is 7 in every 10 students) who are in college say, given an opportunity, they would change the course they are studying because they don’t like it. Why is it so? A major cause of this, is due to lack of access to relevant career information and / or guidance when students are applying to join colleges. Misinformed course choices not only wastes student’s time and family resources, but also puts students along career paths that might NOT bring tangible benefits on their postsecondary education. Together, we can help young people prepare for careers that align with who they are, we’re on that mission.

It bothers us when, thousands of students and their families across the country lack Access to basic  but  critical information, guidance and support, thus unable to make informed college and career choices. Depending on how good or bad it’s done, a career choice is one single decision that has got the power to open or close someone’s life opportunities in equal measure. According to us therefore, it is one of the life decisions that should never be left to chance.

The benefits of informed career decisions are many and include; student confidence on the course and career selection process, satisfaction with one’s course, knowledge of available career paths, ability to communicate career goals clearly, career readiness, job placement into relevant careers, and satisfaction with one’s career (income and occupational prestige 10 years after college graduation) among many others. This impact continues after students graduate, because employees who are interested in their occupations perform better, persist longer in their roles, and contribute more to their organizations and the country at large.

Uninformed decisions about a career or course of study on the other hand, can lead students to “spin their wheels,” causing them to do many supplementary exams, extend their time to graduate, or drop out altogether. For those who do complete their studies,  the additional time taken to graduate results in increased costs while for others, career disatisfaction and desires for career changes makes it difficult for graduates to build a solid financial foundation early on upon graduation. Thus, helping students to pursue fields that align with who they are as individual’s impacts both educational success in college and career after graduation.

The Cost?

It costs less than Ksh 500 (usd 5) to provide each youth or a family member with access to personalized career information and advice to help them plan for and or make informed career and education choices, a sure pathway to prosperity. Join the mission today.

How to Contribute?

You can contribute through mobile money. To contribute, follow the steps below;

  1. In your mpesa, go to Lipa na Mpesa
  2. Select Buy Goods and Services,
  3. Enter till number;  634654 (transaction cost is Nil)
  4. Put the amount you wish to contribute
  5. Enter your pin
  6. Press Ok, and you are done.

We think your contribution is a lifetime investment, thank you for investing in Kenya’s future workforce.


Kindly, contact us via anytime for questions or ideas related to marketing or other partnerships!