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Bachelor of Construction Management

Course Overview
Construction Management can be described as the planning, coordination, budgeting and overall control of any construction project right from inception to completion. Professionals in this field are referred to as construction managers among other titles. Construction managers plan, budget, coordinate and supervise construction of a wide range of projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial, public, industrial structures, bridges, roads among many other construction and allied structures. The construction industry is a multibillion dollar industry worldwide. Locally, in Kenya to be precise, the construction industry has witnessed a boom in recent years due to increased real estate development across the country and this requires competent construction managers who can professionally plan and supervise various construction projects across many sectors of the economy.

The Bachelor of Construction Management has been developed to empower students with practical skills and knowledge that can enable them plan, organize and manage various activities related to construction works right from project inception to completion. The curriculum coursework covers subjects such as; levelling & surveying, building technology, building science, material science, construction measurement, structures, costing, construction plant & equipment, building services, entrepreneurship, practical attachment, construction workshop technology, construction management among many other important topics. In order to demonstrate to the students the form-creating function of the technical components during the process of building design, great value will be attached to practical attitudes and a direct convection between design and construction. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will have acquired the skills and knowledge that are paramount in the construction industry right from; design, implementation and management of structures as well as an in-depth understanding of supply chain and people management to achieve a sustainable construction delivery.

Entry requirement
For self sponsored students, at least a mean grade of B- in KCSE. For Government sponsored students, the minimum cut point which is announced annually applies. The students should in addition have good performance in the following cluster Subjects; Subject 1 MAT A, Subject 2 PHY, Subject 3 any GROUP III, Subject 4 2nd GROUP II or 2nd GROUP III or any GROUP IV or any GROUP V.

Becoming a construction manager
If you are passionate about building construction and interested in a career that can enable you participate in the development of various construction projects right from inception to completion, then pursuing this course might be a good choice for you. In addition, you should be prepared to develop skills that can enable you grow and succeed in this work.

Construction managers possess excellent analytical skills that enable them handle unexpected construction issues and delays, plan a project strategy and solve problems that arise over the course of the construction project. They also have good business skills that enable them address budget matters and coordinate and supervise workers. Construction managers have good customer service skills as they are constantly interacting with workers, public and project owners and should be able to handle issues in a professional workmanship. These professionals have good decision making skills as they often choose subcontractors for specific tasks and jobs, workers etc and decision on this must be made quickly to meet deadlines and budgets.

Construction managers also have good leadership skills as they often delegate tasks to subcontractors, construction workers and other lower level managers in the construction industry. These professionals are effective communicators who often explain complex information to construction workers and clients in a manner that can be understood and also discuss technical details with other building specialists such as architects and engineers. Construction managers are effective time managers able to ensure that construction phases are completed on time so that the next phase can begin as scheduled. They also have good writing skills that enable them write plans, proposals and budgets as well as document the progress of the work for clients and others involved in the building process.

Work environment.
Construction managers work in offices but spend more time on construction sites monitoring projects on daily basis and making decisions about construction activities.

Career opportunities
Graduates of this course may find work in both the government and the private sector. They can find jobs in government department dealing with construction & building maintenance, engineering firms, construction firms, road construction firms, learning institutions among many other areas with construction related projects. Graduates of the course are also competent to start their own businesses.

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