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How to become a motor vehicle electrician in Kenya

Who is a motor vehicle electrician?
A motor vehicle electrician is an artisan or a worker skilled in motor vehicle electrical / car wiring or closely related field. Motor vehicle electrical is all about the use of electrical power (electricity) in vehicles. Electrical power is used for many parts in the vehicle from headlight lighting to radio among many others, but the main function is to provide the electrical spark needed to ignite the fuel in the cylinders. Vehicle electrical system comprises of various components such as; the battery, electrical wiring, headlights, starter motor, alternator, distributor, ignition coil, and ignition switch among others. Motor vehicle electricians fit and repair electrical systems in motor vehicles.

Other title(s).

  1. Automotive electrician
  2. Auto electrician
  3. Car electrician

What is the work environment?
Motor vehicle electricians typically work indoors, often in garages. They can also work outdoor servicing and repairing vehicles.

Some important skills to have.
Motor vehicle electricians need to possess various skills and attributes to enable them discharge their duties effectively. Some of these include;

  1. Physical strength as motor vehicle electricians have to stand much of the time or get into uncomfortable positions to reach areas of vehicles where work needs to be done.
  2. Safety awareness as there are risks involved such as; being shocked, suffering burns or being injured by tools and equipment.
  3. Customer service skills in order to offer excellent service to the customers
  4. Detail oriented to be able to detect small details when repairing vehicles
  5. Problem solving skills to practically solve various vehicle electrical problems.
  6. Communication skills to communicate effectively with clients & colleagues
  7. Interpersonal skills to relate well with workmates and customers
  8. Among others.

What are some career opportunities?
Motor vehicle / car electricians can find job opportunities in various establishments such as; motor vehicle garage shops/ car dealerships, transportation companies, automobile dealers, automotive parts, accessories & tire stores, vehicle maintenance departments within businesses and government departments among others.

Motor vehicle electricians can also use their creativity and start their own businesses (self-employment).

Becoming a motor vehicle electrician / car auto electrician.

Minimum Admission Requirements.
To enroll in a postsecondary training institution and pursue a career as a motor vehicle electrician, a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), mean grade D- (minus) and below is required. Those with a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCPE) are also eligible.

Training and study options.
With a KCSE mean grade D- (minus) and below, you can proceed to a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college and enroll for an appropriate motor vehicle electrical or car wiring courses. Artisan in / motor vehicle electrical / electrician / car wiring courses in Kenya are also offered within Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) within your region.

So what course(s) can you pursue in TVET colleges or VTCs?

  1. Artisan certificate in motor vehicle electrician
  2. Motor vehicle electrician (grade III-I)
  3. Or other similar/ related auto / car wiring course(s).

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Explore more careers
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Education progression.
After a successful completion of an artisan course, you can advance your education upward (in a relevant field) up to university level if that’s your goal. How is this possible?

  1. Get an artisan certificate
  2. Advance to craft certificate, (in a relevant field)
  3. Advance to diploma certificate, (in a relevant field)
  4. Advance to degree certificate, (in a relevant field)

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